Supa-fit Deluxe Sold out


SupaFit Deluxe 

Sold out

 with an 8-part body has been used over many years by beginners and experienced sewers. The body is split at the waist to assist fitting for those with longer or shorter waistlines.


  • 12 adjusting wheels
  • Available in large range of sizes, including a male form
  • Adjustable neck with useful pin cushion
  • Foam-backed nylon covering allows easy pinning and marking
  • Strong tripod stand folds for easy storage
  • Hem Marker or Hem Leveller options
  • Chalk hem Marker

Size options:


Bust:71-86 cm28-34 ins
Waist:58-78 cm23-31 ins
Hips:76-96 cm30-38 ins


Bust:84-104 cm33-41 ins
Waist:60-81 cm23-31 ins
Hips:86-106 cm34-42 ins


Bust:100-119 cm39-47 ins
Waist:74-94 cm29-37 ins
Hips:102-122 cm40-48 ins

Full Figure

Bust:115-135 cm45-53 ins
Waist:97-117 cm38-46 ins
Hips:120-140 cm47-55 ins